Every wonder what happened between the Broken Line books?

Book 1.5: The Copper Rebellion

Living abroad, Adela Tilden has avoided the worst of the rebellion. But now that King William has ordered her back on risk of disinheritance, it doesn’t seem she’ll be able to stay out of the tumult. Of course, Adela has never abided being a pawn.

With two men ahead of her, and one left behind, she has to hope she can control this game–or else she might lose her life.

Between books 1 and 2 of the Broken Line series, The Copper Rebellion is a glimpse into Antony and Adela’s lost years after The Copper Witch.

The Copper Rebellion

Available November 6, 2014 from 5 Prince Publishing


Coming Soon:

Book 2.5: The Porcelain Queen

Whether or not she ever wanted to be, Mary Wembley is not a bad queen. For nearly ten years she has given her life to her country, doing everything asked of her–except for giving the country an heir. With her cousin, Dela, now expecting her fifth, time is ticking down before the rumblings turn dangerous. Especially when out of favor royalty has a history of ending up dead.


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