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“This book is worth every second you spend reading it and then some. It´s witty, sexy and mysterious… I can´t wait for this book to be printed so I can buy it for my collection. It´s THAT good” – Karla Book Addict Reviews

“a riveting and compelling romantic suspense read with sci-fi/time-traveling elements and mysteries that make it quite unputdownable” – Olivia, Goodreads Reviewer

Netgalley Early Reader Review

Available in print, ebook, and Kindle Vella serial:

Desperate to escape her dire situation, Nell Graves signs four years of her life away for an indenture in the colony of Maryland. Once she has served her time, she will have a chance at something few poor girls get: a completely fresh start.

Unfortunately, the troubles in England haven’t left Maryland unscarred. In a province where men outnumber women six to one, Nell doesn’t think keeping her head down is an option.

Matters only grow worse when she finds herself drawn to the worst man in the province for her to get involved with—extremely wealthy, very Catholic James Atwood. Caught in the middle of a possible freemen revolt and battling her own traitorous emotions, Nell worries her last refuge might be more dangerous than the civil war she left behind.

Now available from Red Adept Publishing, The Stars of Heaven, a novel of the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake. Find now at all major retailers:

Audiobook coming 2023!

What critics have to say:

“One of my favorite books of the year. I loved every chapter, every page and every word.” – Bookfever Reviews

“An absolute tour de force… lavish, absorbing and highly recommended” – Rose Auburn Books

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  1. Julie Ann Shouer says:

    Enjoyed reading very much and use it as a reference for some of my Englsh classes. I like your style!!

    Thank you for posting your blogs and books.


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