About Jessica

Jessica finished her first novel at the age of 15 and she hasn’t stopped writing ever

In the past few years she has published:

– The Stars of Heaven, Red Adept Publishing, COMING 2020
– Shattered Tempests-Order and Chaos #3, (2019) Red Adept Publishing
– Graven Idols-Order and Chaos #2,(2016) Red Adept Publishing
– Raining EmbersOrder and Chaos #1 (2015) Red Adept Publishing
– Off Book (2015) REUTS Publications
– The Paper Masque-Broken Line #3 (2014) 5 Prince Publishing
– The Porcelain ChildBroken Line #2 (2014), 5 Prince Publishing
– The Copper WitchBroken Line #1(2014), 5 Prince Publishing
– The Bleeding Crowd (2012), Melange Books

– Holidays Past (2015), 5 Prince Publishing, Unwrap the Romance Anthology
– The Copper Rebellion-A Broken Line Novella  (2014), 5 Prince Publishing

Short Stories:
– “Comedy and Tragedy” (2014), REUTS Publications’ “Fairly Twisted Tales for a Horribly Ever After” anthology
– ”In a Handbasket” (2012), Boxfire Press
– “Backspace” (2012), 20 Minute Tales
– “Frankincense” (2011), Sam’s Dot Publishing’s “Shelter of Daylight” Anthology
– “Last of the Liars” (2011), “Write for Japan” Anthology
– “One Man’s Heaven” (2010), Sparkbright Magazine
– “The Living Requiem” (2010), Single Solitary Thought Magazine
– “Counterfeited Sins (2010), Anotherealm Online
– “99% Right 100% of the Time” (2010), Autumn Letters eMagazine
– “Gods Laugh” (2009), Leucrota Press’s “Abaculus III” Anthology.

While in college, Jessica worked as an intern at a small press, quickly rising through the ranks to Acquisitions Editor, where she remained until they unfortunately shut their doors in 2011. Since that time, she has kept her editing skills sharp, spending three years as a freelance editor before joining the team at Red Adept Editing in 2014, helping authors make their manuscripts the best that they can be.

In 2012, Jessica also added Creative Writing Teacher to her list of literary careers, joining the teaching staff of Writopia Lab in Washington, DC, helping children and teens better their writing and start literary careers of their own.

Jessica is always happy to hear from authors, readers, or anyone else with something interesting (or uninteresting) to say. She can be contacted using jessicadall.com’s contact form (linked here), or through her social media accounts:



+JessicaDall-Author (Google+)


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