Valentine’s Day Interview

Happy Valentine’s Day one and all. Today I’m celebrating with an author interview over on The Page Walker (do I know romance or what?) Check it out here.


Hello, Jessica, and welcome to The Page Walker!

First, tell us something about yourself.
The Page Walker: Most writers are readers too.  Which writers inspire you?

Jessica Dall: Between writing my own things and editing as a freelancer, I actually have very little time for outside reading, sadly (the irony of reading all the time and not at the same time). I have really enjoyed Philippa Gregory’s books, though, and I did recently go back and reread Liz Berry’s The China Garden simply because it was my favorite book back when I was fifteen. Honestly, I’m inspired by everything and anything, so just about anything I read becomes inspiration to me. Perhaps I’m lucky that way.

TPW: Is there a special spot when you’re writing?

JD: I tend to be one of those lucky writers who are able to write anywhere. I always have a notebook with me and have a MacBook Air which is small enough to carry around in my purse if I like, so whenever I have a moment, I’m generally writing. I just have to be careful that… Read More

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